We are a coalition of cross-movement activists and supporters writing in solidarity with His Holiness the Dalai Lama and the Tibetan community around the world.

The past week has been painful for many of us, as we continue to see our Tibetan friends collectively retraumatized over gross misrepresentation of the Dalai Lama’s actions with no regard for the Tibetan cultural context, nor the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)’s manipulation of false narratives surrounding the situation.

His Holiness the Dalai Lama has dedicated his entire life to the alleviation of suffering and the teaching of understanding and compassion for the betterment of all humanity. His 87 years of selfless public and spiritual service demonstrates his unwavering dedication to not just the Tibetan people or the Buddhist communities but to all of humanity as a whole.

We continue to stand in solidarity with the Tibetan community and fight for their deserved freedoms with compassion.



Joey Siu, Hong Kong Human Rights Activist, USA
Zumretay Arkin, Program & Advocacy Manager, World Uyghur Congress, Germany
Mandie McKeown, Executive Director, International Tibet Network, UK
Penghsuan Lee, Cross-Movement Activist, Taiwan
Aurora Chang, Cross-Movement and Project Coordinator, International Tibet Network, Taiwan
Ray Wong, Hong Kong Human Rights Activist, Freiheit für Hongkong e.V., Germany
Chris Choi, Hong Kong Human Rights Activist, USA
Dolkun Isa, President, World Uyghur Congress, Germany
Michael C. Davis, Professor, Jindal Global University & Global Fellow, the Wilson Center, India & USA
Carmen Lau, Hong Kong Human Rights Activist, UK
Frances Hui, Director, We The Hongkongers, USA
Chinnaraj Bootsreepoom, Thai Human Rights Activist, Thai New Yorkers for Democracy (ThaiNY4DEM), USA
Anna Cheung, Convenor, New Yorkers Supporting Hong Kong (NY4HK), USA
Nuttigar Woratunyawit, Thai Human Rights Activist, Thai Rights Now Org., USA & Canada
Victoria Hui, Associate Professor, University of Notre Dame, USA
Elfidar Iltebir, President, Uyghur American Association, USA
Michael Caster, Advisor, Safeguard Defenders
Alex Chow, Hong Kong Human Rights Activist, USA
Kinen Kao, Founder, Penn State Students For Hong Kong, USA
Aniessa Andresen, Chairperson, Hongkonger in Deutschland e.V, Germany
Rushan Abbas, Executive Director, Campaign For Uyghurs, USA
Drew Pavlou, Human Rights Activist, Australia
Maya Mitalipova, President, Boston Uyghur Association, USA
Nathan Freitas, Activist & Technical Advisor, Tibet Action Institute, USA
Sveta Lee, Chinese Student Activist, Students for a Free Tibet (Columbia University), USA
Sarah Phillips, Somerville, Massachusetts School Committee Member, USA
Enghebatu Togochog, Southern Mongolian Activist, Southern Mongolian Human Rights Information Center, USA
Alma Leonie David, Supporter of Tibet, Tibet Action Institute, Canada
Vijay Kranti, Journalist & Tibetologist & Chairman, Center for Himalayan Asia Studies and Engagement (CHASE), India
Jyotsna Sara George, Leadership Development Facilitator, Wikimedia Foundation, India
Katherine Ní Keefe, Training & Campaign Manager, Tibet Action Institute, USA
Taiwan East Turkestan Association, Taiwan East Turkestan Association, Taiwan
Melanie Raoul, Tibet Supporter, Canada
Kate Woznow, Tibet Supporter & Director, Tibet Action Institute, Canada
李明哲, 文山社區專案經理人, Taiwan
John Jones, Campaigns and Advocacy Manager, Free Tibet, UK
Rashi Jauhri, Campaigns Coordinator, International Tibet Network, India
Simon Cheng, Hong Kong Human Rights Activist & Founder, Hongkongers in Britain, UK
Leslie Kaup, Supporter of Tibet, US
Simon Bradshaw, Environmental and Human Rights Advocate, Australia
Amy Head, Former Executive Director, Conservancy for Tibetan Art and Culture, Netherlands
Claudia Bonitto, Friend of Tibet, Colombia
Shao Jiang, Chinese Human Rights and Democracy Activist, UK
Harmandeep Kaur Gill, Junior Research Fellow, University of Oxford, UK
Lin Hsinyi, Human Rights Activist, Human Rights Network for Tibet and Taiwan, Taiwan
Jamie Marsicano, Law Student, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA
Tang Danhong, Poet & Documentary Filmmaker & Writer, Israel
Teng Biao, Visiting Professor, University of Chicago, USA
Rui Zhu, Writer, Canada
Alexandra Correia, Coordenadora do Grupo de Apoio ao Tibete-Portugal, Portugal
Han Vandenabeele, President, Lungta – Actief voor Tibet, Belgium
Yoko Ishii, President, Free Tibet Fukuoka, Japan
Hidetoshi Ishii, Senior Advisor, Free Tibet Fukuoka, Japan
Enrico Soekarno, Indonesian Activist, Yayasan Atap Dunia, Indonesia
Omer Kanat, Executive Director, Uyghur Human Rights Project, USA
Merethe Lind Jodalen, Daglig Leder, The Norwegian Tibet Committee, Tibet
Will Kerner, Dharma Student, Blue Mountain Dharma, USA
Cynthia Faye Hurst, Buddhism and Human Rights Activist, USA
Anders Højmark Andersen, Chairperson, The Tibet Support Committee Denmark, Denmark
Celeste Aurelia Campbell, Esq. Buddhist, USA
Binh Nguyen, Commissioner, USA
Ammar Abdulhamid, Syrian-American Pro-Democracy Activist, USA
Diane Gatterdam, Activist, USA
Caroline Clare Eckersley, Fundraiser & Photographer, UK & France
Alan Bruce Flanders, Buddhist Practitioner, Gampopa Center and DDSC, USA
Anjali Kamath Rao, Practitioner & Teacher, President of the Board, Accessible Yoga Association, USA
Rüdrāksh Chand, Organizer & Yoga Practitioner & Teacher, Anti-Carceral Practitioners, USA
Tan Hubbard, Organizer & Yoga Practitioner & Teacher, Anti-Carceral Practitioners & Accessible Yoga Association, USA
Taylor Chavez, Organizer & Yoga Practitioner & Teacher, Anti-Carceral Practitioners, USA
Alyssa Romero, Organizer & Yoga Practitioner & Teacher, Anti-Carceral Practitioners, USA
Ria Mazumdar, Organizer & Yoga Practitioner & Teacher, Kalama Mutual Aid Collective, USA
Karanjit Singh, Multi-Disciplinary Artist, India
Freya Putt, Director of Strategy, Tibet Action Institute, Canada


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